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The Andy Griffith Show: S3 E23, Andy Discovers America

Published 1963

(DVD Quality)

Original Air Date: March 4, 1963 (Season 3, Episode 23).
Opie's had it with his history homework, and misinterprets Andy's empathy as an excuse to skip it and lead his friends in revolt against their teacher, "Old Lady" Crump. When Miss Crump holds Andy responsible, he must find a way to motivate Opie and his pals.

The character of Helen Crump was supposed to be a one-shot. That is why they gave the character an unpleasant sounding name. But the producers were so impressed with Aneta Corsaut's performance and her rapport with Andy Griffith that they made her a regular cast member.

Run time 25:30
Audio/Visual sound, b/w
Language English


Andy Griffith ... Sheriff Andy Taylor
Ron Howard ... Opie Taylor (as Ronny Howard)
Don Knotts ... Deputy Barney Fife
Frances Bavier ... Aunt Bee Taylor
Aneta Corsaut ... Helen Crump
Joey Scott ... Whitey Porter
Dennis Rush ... Howie Pruitt
Richard Keith ... Johnny Paul Jason


Reviewer: Molly McGee - - April 30, 2015
Subject: Andy Makes a Mistake
Andy does something dumb when he counsels Opie about his dry, boring history homework. He feels it's above his age level and tells Opie he felt the same when he was in school. Opie takes this the wrong way and tells the teacher he doesn't have to do history work because his dad said so. Since Andy's the sheriff, the kids take this as a get out of history free pass.

The teacher, Miss Crump, catches up with Andy and reads him the riot act. To fix what he's done, Andy tells the boys stories about history that engage their attention, then lets them join his secret history "club" and act out the parts.

The teacher remarks on their sudden interest in learning the subject and Andy gets the chance to explain how to keep children engaged.

This is an age old problem and is still a problem. People who know a lot of factual information often don't know how to teach that information in a way kids care about. Lists of names and dates to memorize had me dreading history class as well. Too bad my teachers didn't know Andy's secret.
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